Thursday, April 14, 2011

taking you down with me #4

Finally a new issue from Take Your Shot! I haven't seen this great greek hc oriented 'zine for quite some time and I was worried they called it quits. It's exactly the opposite though,a big comeback,true to the fashion of cut&paste zine making with tons of interviews and the best attitude to boot (p.m.a all the way!). After reading it I had a feeling that I should stop moaning about all the shit around me and get creative! It's been a long time since a 'zine made me feel this way and I can't help but love it. Sure I'm not a fan of most of the bands featured here but as I said before it's not just the music but the attitude. For those wondering, Take Your Shot is mostly focused in the heavier,dare to say,metallic hc (n.y.h.c/metalcore/deathcore stuff) but it's also very open-minded to other styles.
Interviews included in this issue: Cold Hand Truth,Swnammi,I Want You Dead,Sand,Eden Demise,Norte Cartel,Setback,Nueva Etica and Underground Tapes. Also there are some columns from the editor and friends about sxe,hc,politics and more. Get in touch for a copy:
takexyourxshot(a)yahoo(dot)com and check the blog for further info:
Highly recommended!

Burning Leather hail from Portland,Oregon,u.s.a and this is their debut lp enititled Daylight Nights. Actually there's not much to say about this's just Motorhead worship to the max (to the point that it gets cheesy as fuck) and nothing more. I was handed their demo some time ago from members of the band and I liked it but that was just four songs and I had higher expectations about future releases mostly because the members play in some of my favorite bands (Hellshock,Deathcharge,Lebenden Toten and more). I guess this is the style they want to play and don't give a fuck at all,good for them but I'll pass. I'm sure lots of "metal punks" will drool over this and keep up this stupid hype. 'Nuff said.

So here's the Go Filth Go/Electric Funeral split ep! Ultra fuzzed-out noise destruction in the vein of the almighty Disclose from these two bands. Electric Funeral deliver 3 tracks of total raw noise punk and Go Filth Go damage your ears permanetly with their filthy,harsh version of d-beat that at times sounds like heavy artillery firing above your head! Awesome stuff from both bands. Extra points for the artwork! I don't think I have to say more about this release. Two thumbs up!

Ok this is kinda old but I just found out about it and can't get them out of my head! Lastsentence were (or are?!) a female fronted hc band from Japan and released this demo tape in 2008,I couldn't find any more info about them so that's all I know. Killer noisy hc in the vein of Life and Kriegshog...fuck,I want this tape so bad!

Debut release for this Greek crossover band! Even though don't like the genre that much 'cause of the millions of DRI copycats that have nothing new to offer and besides that I fuckin' hate DRI! But I really like this one! Maybe it's because they mix hc and metal influences better than most bands,anyways Terror Detonator deliver 6 tracks with very good production,sharp,heavy and distorted guitars,pounding drums and pissed off vocals that make the lyrics sound sincere. Thankfully they don't have silly amounts of guitar wanking (aka solos that work as fillers in the songs) 'cause their songs can stand out by themselves.
The lyrics are about social/political issues and guess what...they also have a beer song! A must for thrashers that respect themselves! hahaha Awesome artwork too!
Get in touch with the band for a copy:

Time for some self-promotion now!
The (A)-Truth/Kalazaar split 7" just came in from the pressing plant and we're now waiting for the covers to be printed,ti will be out sometime in the following two weeks,I'm fuckin' excited 'cause it's the first time one of my bands gets a vinyl release! You can get copies from my distro Scull Crasher when it's done.
Also our newer band,Jagernaut is at the proccess of recording vocals,mixing and mastering the songs for a split tape with Hello Bastards from the U.K,this one will be out by our good friend at Noise Attack records.

Band highlight: Cop Problem from Philadelphia U.S.A.

No punk videos this time..instead here's something for the Lybian revolution!

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