Monday, May 16, 2011

taking you down with me #5

Μουνί Γεμάτο Αγκάθχια (cunt full of thorns) is a new personal 'zine from my good friend Friki. I never had much interest in perzines because most I've read so far were about boring travelling stories,lost loves and bad writing. Thankfully that's not the case here since there's a lot of great and sincere (very important!)'s not even like reading a 'zine,more like daydreaming with a heavy dose of greek reality! It's the first issue and it's limited to 30 copies,16 pages/half A4 page size,all in greek,cut & paste (fuck yes!) and photocopied. Get in touch for a copy here:

I think this one is kinda old but anyways. No Escape from Spain deliver some tuneful punk rock in the vein of The Vicious,Masshysteri and No Hope For The Kids and manage to add personality in an otherwise crowded genre. By the way,for those of you who keep score of these things,they took the band name off a song from their previous band,Insomnio. Great stuff! Props should go to Friki for sharing this band.

I'm waiting for a shitload of new records and some 'zines to be delivered within the next few weeks
so stay tuned for more reviews...'till then go read this blog: Screaming Reality!

Up the live & kicking punx!

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