Saturday, September 24, 2011

Taking You Down With Me #9

...and now back to our programming. The new season looks promising,at least for the greek punk scene 'cause everything else is going from bad to worse. Tons of touring bands visiting this hellhole and rock our brains out! Keep coming guys & gals,you're much needed to keep us motivated!
Now something that very few of you might care but I just want to get it out of my head (actually,it's a thinking-out-loud type of thing) is that I watched the latest Transformers movie (Dark Of The Moon) yesterday and even though I loved it I still wonder why the fuck they used a british dumbfuck bimbo for being Sam's girl?! Seriously,the "bimbo" despite being responsible for some of the worst acting I've ever seen she can't be compared to Megan Fox's dynamic persona in the previous two movies. Even when the times comes in the movie where she must do something in order to help,her bad acting make Megatron (who is nothing more than a computerized graphic) look like a total fool! Dear Mr. Bay,please remake the whole movie with Megan Fox and not with just any random wanna-be actress that has the good looks.
'nuff said,time for some lame reviews.

- a compilation of cheap poetry, lyrical crap, words and images 
 Think. is a small-sized book from my good friend A. and is exactly what the titles says but without the "cheap" and "crap"! Personal and political at the same time and with a vibe that I believe most people in the punk scene can relate to. Feelings of depression and isolation that strive for a breath of fresh air,something new and empowering,something positive that totally reflects the writer's outlook on life. I never was a fan of poetry and neither I'll be one after reading this but what I like are the pure thoughts,written down with no intention to please anyone but the author himself,somekind of catharsis I would say. The essays included are mostly about A.'s view on the hardcore scene and ethics and are taken from various contributions on 'zines (including A.'s now defunct Keep It Real 'zine). The images are great for the book closure and I guess they represent feelings/times that it's hard to describe in words. Some poems are in Greek but the rest is all in English so,no matter where you are from I recommend you to grab a copy from: Worlds Appreciated Kitsch
 Artcore, Issue # 28, Summer 2011
 Wow! a long running punk 'zine from the U.K,damn when I was born these guys put out their first issue! This is issue #28 and I immediately grabbed some copies for my distro when I noticed the content,interviews with Cheap Sweaty Fun booking collective from Wales,The Estranged from Portland,OR, Young Offenders,The Arrivals and Smogtown plus extensive articles about the history of Wipers (written by an old greek punk!) and The Proletariat (an 80's anarcho hc/punk band from the U.S) as well as the history of Modern Method records (legendary record store in Wales). The highlight for me was when the author,Welly,goes through his fanzine collection and writes down an in-depth list of U.K punk 'zines from the 80's and also the great contribution by Helge of Plastic Bomb 'zine about the West German punk scene,very interesting stuff! This is highly recommended,can't wait for the next issue! Check the website for more info: Artcore Fanzine.

Prisoner Of War-Prisoner Support Benefit Compilation CD
A benefit compilation for JJ that was imprisoned for supporting S.H.A.C (Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty). Lot's of good bands on this one but unfortunately the sound quality is very poor even for a cd. Sure it's the cause that matters but I think that they should do a better job than throwing a bunch of great songs in a comp,then do a  half-assed mastering and release it. It would serve the cause a lot better. Anyway,most bands are from the U.K except Plague Mass (Austria) and The Disrupters (u.s.a). No info or lyrics other than the two short essays about the case of JJ and the hellish prison system. Prisoner Of War

Stronza-s/t CS
Stronza hail from Singapore and are an all-female band than plays crusty hc/d-beat. I got this tape through trade out of curiosity mostly but when it arrived I checked the lyrics and the first songs' chorus read: "I hate girls",not knowing that it was an all-female band I thought that I should just throw it away. I'm glad I didn't 'cause after the first listen I realized that it's actually good stuff and the lyrics are provocative,to say the least,I'm a sucker for this kinda stuff! By the way,my girlfriend loved the "I hate girls" song and it made me feel less guilty for singing the chorus every time I listen to it,ha!
Check the band here: Stronza

Crimen-Es Una Vil Mentira Que Todo Va A Estar Mejor 12"
Raging hc/punk from Mexico! Just saw these guys live a week ago and they were awesome! Rocking hc songs with a lot of punk attitude,think Destino Final playing Discharge songs without the delay effect on vocals and you can get the picture. No need to say more just grab a copy of this 12" or their "Neda Importa" 7" and play it in a hipster party! Released by: Dogma Destroyer, Discos Enfermos, Base. Check the band here: Crimen

Here's two new bands for you to check out:
Switchblade (Canada,ex-Germ Attak) and Nothing (Germany)

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  1. man, the stronza songs kick ass!! im definitely getting the tape! and heay, even though i'm a girl too, i sometimes hate girls. (idiocy has no gender) cause so many of them give womanhood a bad name and reason enough to make anyone detest them, not just men. this tape is proof yet again that we are capable of great things.
    cheers dude!