Saturday, November 12, 2011

Taking You Down With Me! #10

Staying indoors on a saturday night is a bummer but at least I get the chance to listen & read some of the stuff I've collected over the last month. Besides it's so fuckin' cold outside and there's nothing noteworthy going on,except if you thing that going to a lame 90's revival party is somehow "fun." I hate how people these days create a hype out of 80's and 90's mainstream culture and refer to it as "cult", the sure thing is that most of these people where not even around then! I guess they desperately want a break from all the social networking and iphone applications, I don't get it though, how listening to Michael Jackson and getting dressed like conservative christian choir boys/girls can be fun? What the fuck? For me the 90's were fun for three reasons: Goonies (best movie ever made), skateboarding was a crime and finally all kids had their knees torn apart and a big smile all over their face. Please,stop fucking with our childhood!

More Noise #6 (U.K)
As you might have guessed, More Noise focuse on the noisy side of punk and does a damn good job! In this issue you get interviews with Crazy Spirit (I have a demo review from these guys in an older post) and Krig I Hudik (their "2" ep is reviewed below) plus a Mexico scene report, guest columns and lots of record and 'zine reviews. This one is shorter than the previous outputs but great nonetheless. All cut & paste with ugly drawings that make you think the artwork was done by a glue addicted 10 year old that listens to Confuse bootlegs all day long. The guy behind More Noise also has a blog with a huge punk 'zine archive where you can download your heart out,check it here: Punks Is Hippies. Contact: slobodanburgher(a)gmail(dot)com

Brottskod 11-"Levande Doda" CS
Released by: D-takt & Råpunk
Raw hc/punk from Sweden with a zombie theme, to tell the truth this one didn't struck any chord 'cause in my opinion it's all by-the -numbers straight up d-beat in the vein of Wolfbrigade. There are some good tunes here but they're forgetable, what they need is personality...or maybe I'm not the right guy to review this one 'cause I don't like Wolfbrigade that much. Check the band here

Krig I Hudik-"2" EP
Released by: Feral Ward
Stop whatever is that you're doing and go grab a copy of this awesome ep! Feral Ward has done it again presenting this project with members of Totalitar and Missbrukarna, 8 out of 10 songs are covers of old (70's/80's) bands from Hudiksvall (Totalitar's hometown) and if I hadn't read it on a blog I would think that these guys are the next big thing! Seriously though, this is great and it makes me wanna get drunk and dance to it all night long. Their sound is very similar to old Totalitar stuff, don't you just love that ultra crunchy guitar sound? Fuckin' perfect, two thumbs up from me! Hope to hear more from them soon.

Warsong-Ancient Times LP
Released by: The Pression
I left the best for last, Warsong come from Zaragoza,Spain and deliver the best tuneful punk rock since No Hope For The Kids and The Vicious. The punks behind Warsong also were in Insomnio and No Escape, both great bands but they toped things up with this release. Melancholic to the max, more danceable than an Elvis and rockier than the Rolling Stones, makes the perfect soundtrack for skating the wild streets of Athens while thinking that you don't give a shit about anything! A record definitely worth fighting over it on a distro table at your local show. Check the band here

That's it for now, I got a pile of 'zines coming up for review but time is not on my side and I'm kinda slow on reading....nah,I'm just a lazy fuck just everyone else! Until the next post check the following blogs:



  1. ayto to ancient times to eixa katevasei me tn prooptikh oti tha hxouse san hot water music me avail.ayto toulaxiston elege se mia alli telika den exei kamia to pithanotero na mn marese giati perimena na eine san ts
    bades pou anafera.opote tha tou dwsw alli mia eykeria!

  2. hahaha aytos pou ekane tin kritiki prepei na akouge allo disko! kamia sxesi me avail h h.w.m, kalitera na elege oti moiazei me mayhem kai papakostantinou :p pera apo tin plaka pantws gamaei kai eimai sigouros oti tha saresei :)

  3. ela bak, ola kala ekei katou?ithela na se rotiso an auto to more noise to exeis sto distro sou??

    telos tou mina pao amvourgo, thes na mou doseis kopies apo to fanzine na pao pano?


  4. Ela re,to More Noise tha to exw syntoma sto distro kai paizei na parw kai to kainourgio pou exei vgei (me exwfylara apo Sugi!). Steile mou mail gia na kanonisoume gia ta zine,pes mou posa thes.