Tuesday, January 10, 2012

misery just never ends...

There's not enough time for a proper post so here's just some stuff I listen a lot lately. First off, I was introduced to The War Goes On few days ago and can't stop listening to their demo,  pure punk fuckin' rock! check'em at Screaming Reality blog.

I strongly advise you to check out Portland's Raw Nerves, burly hc in Poison Idea style. Brilliant delivery & execution, I'm sure they can create a great atmosphere on stage 'cause their records do! Don't miss!

Inimical records from the U.S has some killer records, including aforementioned Raw Nerves, below are two tracks from their latest releases, ace stuff! Website|http://www.inimical.com/

Book of Black Earth - Cross Contamination by inimicalrecords

Misery - Just Never Ends by inimicalrecords

For those who care, January's playlist will be up next week, if you'd like to contribute a couple of songs from your band/label get in touch: ba_kalis[at]hotmail[dot]com



  1. i can say that tjis is one of the best hardcore/punk bands i've listened to lately (speaking of Raw Nerves)
    erik the drummer is one of the best guys i've met during my internet seek-journey...
    their first and last 7'' are their best material and that's my humble opinion



  2. book of black earth γαμω! ειναι καποιο μελος απο Πτωση Εφραφα. οχι οτι εχει να λεει κατι αυτο.

  3. k oxi mono, einai k meli apo Teen Cthulhu..epiki bada! me pliktra kiolas!

  4. χαχα θενκς για τις πληροφοριες για τα μέλη! Οι book of black earth έχουν γαμώ τους ήχους και συνδιάζουν τέλεια το death στοιχείο, μαυρίλα και θάνατος! χα!