Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Antimob recently posted their upcoming 7-track demo on bandcamp, they're back with a killer set of songs all sung in Greek language and with a razor-sharp production. I must say that this release may be their best to date, the songs are perfectly executed and you can even sense the hate that boils inside them.
Maximum Rock'n'Roll #348 (May issue) has an interview with them, grab a copy if you're interested.

Gutter is my new band, we released a demo cd-r where you can download for free on our website below. Hardcore punk like Poison Idea, Skitkids and Wasted Time.


  1. exeis kanei lathos ta link kai stous antimob vgazei tous gutter. akoma, esu eisai apthn glyfada, ti tositsa k malakies mas tsampounas

  2. ola diorthothikan, den tin paleyw me ta html haha. min poume kamia mlkia, o mixalakis amesws na petaxtei! trava kane kamia kritiki se hipsteriko garage twra!

  3. eixes den eixes evales k foto me mena na kano san amea pano aristera kai tom mitso go filth go na koitaei san ilithios.pal kala pou thn peirakses ligo th foto...xexexexexe