Wednesday, May 30, 2012

recently released awesome records

Tragedy - "Darker Days Ahead" LP
(Tragedy Records)
I love how they changed their style but kept the best elements of their previous releases (see: s/t). Sure the Amebix influences are all the place on this one but in my opinion this is the kind of stuff that all of us were waiting from the latest Amebix record and Tragedy only made it even better. Killer tracks are Close At Hand, a mid-to-fast-paced, claustrophobic rhythm that brings to mind Monolith era Amebix accompanied by classic, dark Tragedy guitars. Wail Of Sirens, is like they pulled it off the first album, dark, heavy and burly. Power Fades, damn, I can imagine crowds at shows singing along to this. Fuckin' powerfull hardcore! My advice, listen to the Darker Days Ahead on repeat and let it guide you to the bleak future. Sorry for not commenting on the lyrics but I don't own the lp yet.

Deathcharge - "Love Was Born To An Early Death 12"
(Unseen Forces)
Deathcharge are one of these bands that even though they exist for over a decade, no one knows them and suddenly they come out with one hell of a record. This is their first 12", released in 2011. Previous outputs in chronological order: A Look at Their Sorrow ep (1997), Plastic Smiles ep (2001), s/t demo tape (2004), The Hangman / New Dark Age ep (2006), split tape with Lebenden Toten (2007?). Everything I've heard from these guys is perfect, from straight up d-beat to psychedelic post punk to occult rock they nail it fuckin' hard! If any of you are willing enough to dig into Deathcharge's obscurity, I would recommend starting with the The Hangman / New Dark Age ep. If then again you just want to check out the band just go get Love Was Born To Early Death. By the way, the artwork is excellent, just look at the cover!

Creem - s/t LP
(Katorga Works/Deranged Records)
Straight from New York, Creem deliver seven rockin' hardcore tracks in true old-school fashion. Unlike what most people will think, this band has nothing to do with chugga-chugga, wannabe-tough-guy and awful aesthetic with college-like fonts. This is real hardcore. If you need comparisons, SSD, Negative FX and Reagan Youth are enough to give you a little taste. The opening track, Think Twice is as if someone grabs you by the neck and throw you right in to the center of a moshpit and just before you even realize what the fuck happened, you find yourself stagediving to that more-than-awesome guitar riff in the middle of the song. Never End  leaves no room to breathe with its steady & dark-as-fuck pounding rhythm, think Void's War Hero, yeah that good! Ok, enough with this review. I wanna write so much about Creem but that would kill the excitement of finding out yourself, so go get this lp, give it a couple of spins and then you'll be ready to smash that frat boy's face that stole the girl of your dreams (just made that up by looking at the cover, makes sense though, right?).

More great records: 
Crusades - The Sun Is Down And The Night Is Riding In LP
Drainland / Enabler - split 7"
The War Goes On - This Shitty Life 7"
Mundo Muerto - Entre El Kaos LP
Protestant / Suffering Mind - split 7"
Social Circkle - Expiration Date 7"

By the way, those of you that think paper 'zines are dead, go fuck yourselves with an axe 'cause the new issue of No Exit is out!  

..more stuff soon.


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