Friday, January 14, 2011

Taking you down with me #1

I finally got the Drunk Nach Osten 'zine in my hands and reading all the great reviews of other 'zines about it I had high expectations about it...the reviews mean shit if you don't get the real thing,I got the second issue of the english version (it's also published in Czech) and I was amazed with the tons of information about the Balkan scene! A very informative read and overall this is one of the best zines out there in my opinion. Awesome cut & paste layout complete with the occasional b&w photos from live shows and drunk punks in the streets! It also comes with a very interesting cd-r compilation with lots of obscure bands from Romania,Hungary,Siberia(!),Czech Rep,Belarus,Serbia,Latvia and more countries that you never thought there would be any sign of punk/hc! Go out and get a copy of this excellent zine in your hands and support the underrated Balcan scene!

Contact: paaya.ds(a) or

Gasmask Terror from France released their new lp "Black Sun/Fake Gold" just before the end of 2010 and I was eager to check it out 'cause I really liked all their previous releases,unfortunately I was a bit disapointed because all I got was a by-the-numbers d-beat/crust in the vein of World Burns To Death "Sucking Of The Missile Cock" era and State Of Fear...don't get me wrong I love both afforementioned bands but I was expecting way different stuff and with more imagination,soul and energy. Check it out though,you might like it,I'll pass.

One guy from Warvictims has a new band called Electric Funeral and they have a great lp entitled "D-Beat Noise Attack/Make A Change" out on Shogun records from France. Noisy,d-beat attack all the way,non-stop! It's not something new or ground breaking but it has the balls and attitude to stand out from the ocean of average d-beat bands emerging every single hour! If I'm not wrong this is a solo project so more props to them! They will soon have a split 7" with Go Filth Go from Greece,can't wait for that. Check 'em out for sure!
As for Go Filth Go,this band is taking it to another level! After releasing the "No Escape From Noise Destruction" tape,the split 7" with Besthoven and the soon to be released afforementioned split 7" with Electric Funeral they joined forces with Chernobyl (A)ttack from Greece for a split live tape that will be out by mid-February,just in time for their euro tour in March! Now this is an active band! For those of you not aware of Chernobyl (A)ttack,they're a noise punk band that mix Kuro with Anti-Cimex,Moderat Likvidation,Varaus and the legendary greek hc band Adiexodo! Awesome stuff and a great band to watch live. Check their myspace for some raw recordings:

Another awesome 'zine is Evil Minded from the u.s,mostly focused in the noise punk scene with lot's of reviews and an interesting article about the analog format (aka vinyls/tapes) that is becoming a fetish for punks. Really well written and put together. I got issue number 6 which is the latest and has interviews with Burial (Germany) and Paco from La Vida Es Un Mus records based in the u.k. Cut & paste layout with a centerfold full of photos from live acts. Thumbs up!

Contact: zine4musicaldestruction(a)hotmail(dot)com or

Band highlight of the week:
Kawakami Nightmare from Belarus

Vids to watch while you're stoned #1

More next week...

Cheers and take care punx!

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