Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Taking you down with me #2

Here's a new band for ya! Babeldom from Japan released some time ago their debut 7" entitled Hell's Gates and gained some attention with their excellent delivery of "Burning Spirits" style hc/punk. Four powerfull songs in the vein of the almighty Deathside,Bastard and the like. Fast,angry and heavy as fuck tunes with a lot of energy,what more could you ask for?! Fans of the genre will be definitely pleased...as for me,there's no sign that this ep will leave my turnatable anytime soon! Released by Narm Discos.

Another awesome new band I came through is Firmeza 10 from Barcelona,Spain (thanx a lot Milan!). They just released their new lp El Grito De La Tierra and it's a noisy/d-beat hc/punk diamond! Musically it has nothing to do with the typical Disclose-worshipping,instead they incorporate influences from their countrymates RIP and Otan and add a lot of noise punk like Confuse...fuck..I can even hear some Varaus in there! Also I give them two thumbs up for the great diy packaging! Get the record and support this great band! Seems the spanish punk scene is at its very best the last 2-3 years constantly producing hard-working bands with true diy style,dig it and you'll find out what I'm talking about!

Fredag Den 13th E
Some days ago I saw Fredag Den 13th E play live in Athens and it was a pleasant surprise,I had only listened to their new lp a couple of times and they seemed as an interesting band...well..they fucking ripped me a new asshole as from the first note raised hell in the small sweaty basement!! Killer swedish hc in the vein of Disfear,Skitsystem and Wolfbrigade! You should know that when it comes to crusty hc you can't fuck with the swedes..9 times out of 10 they nail it hard! A great band both live and on record,be sure to check 'em out,you'll not be disappointed.

D-Beat Beater is a weekly updated webzine with tons of info on new and upcoming releases from all over the globe,mostly about d-beat (duh!) but not only limited to that genre. The guys behind it have done a great job documenting almost every damn record for the last year complete with links of the labels/bands etc. You can find reviews,news,tour dates and I think they even have some interviews with bands. A well put-together webzine for record collecting burn-outs like myself! Keep up the good job guys! Check it here: D-Beat Beater.

Unfortunately I don't have any paper 'zines to review this time around,if you make one get in touch and I'll be glad to get a copy.

Band of the week: Progress Of Inhumanity from Greece.

Vids to watch while you're stoned #2

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