Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Inspiration 101

Just when I thought that all hope is gone and boredom had settled in for good I came across this short article! It worked as wake-up call from all the shit that bring me down each passing day,these are the reasons that got me in the punk/hc scene but lately all I see is a lot of apathy,lack of communication and back-stabbing...fuck all these shit,we're here because we have common thoughts and dreams and we want to materialize them. So read it,think and start doing something positive,anything from telling people around you how you feel about something you consider important to starting your own 'zine/band/label/squat etc!
Everything you do is a step long as we're on the move we're alive and kicking,as long as we behave...we'll always be enslaved (yeah,I stole that last bit from an Agathocles song...sounds good though,right?)
Also lately I'm concerned about the excessive drinking and partying that takes place within our scene..I really don't see the point and it seems that gets us nowhere...if we need to get drunk or high to have fun then something's completely wrong! We're all to blame for the shit we're in and as I see it,self-critisism is a good way to start.
Ok,late night rambling is over.....


  1. You said man! sometimes something small like that can make your day! been trying to write something for days. now i feel more like it!

    \m/ up them typewriters!

  2. That's the spirit! Go for it!
    I guess we all need a push sometimes in order to keep up :)
    Thanx for the feedback,means a lot!