Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Taking you down with me #3

Keep It Real is a very well put together and informed 'zine mainly focused in the global hc scene from Athens,Greece. This is issue #10 and it's the last one ever according to the editor. In this issue you get interviews with Fucked Up,AC4,Bitter End,Glasses,Antimob,Integrity,Lemuria,Ruined Families,columns from editors' friends (the best of them is one about the relationship of punk music/culture with skateboarding in the early days and how it's all washed up nowdays),also a great photo report featuring Endstand and Manifesto Jukebox and of course lots of record reviews from the worlwide hc scene. Apostolis,the guy behind this 'zine,also runs World Appreciated Kitsch records,a hard-working label releasing hc records and booking shows in Greece and elsewhere! Check it out for sure.

Now here's some fierce ,above all, unique grindcore from Norway! Parlamentarisk Sodomi is an one man band but don't be fooled by it 'cause they deliver some of the best grindcore nowadays,incorporating influences from well-established grind acts such as Agathocles,Phobia,Last Days Of Humanity adding a bit of noisecore ala Deche-Charge and some old-school death metal that brings to mind early Insect Warfare material,all that make this record not wanna leave my turntable anytime soon! Another plus in my book for this band is that they keep it political and diy in a very true sense,both with the lyrics and their acts. I want hear more of them now!

State Poison from France released their debut lp some time ago with the help of Kick Rock and Flower Of Carnage records. They play ultra-distorted hc/punk in the vein of Disorder and Confuse but somehow mixing it with L.S.D (the Japanese band,not the drug!) and I think I hear a slight AT-DET (an obscure but awesome 80's Japanese band) influence.
Overall this record kicks ass from start to finish,if you consider yourself a hc/punk fanatic then get it and play it as loud as possible! Beautiful artwork too!

Band Highlight: Minuala from Russia.

...and here's something to give you a flashback of good times:
More next go make some noise!

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