Thursday, June 9, 2011

Taking You Down With Me #6

As always in this blog,the 'zines go first for review. Here's Hokku,a kinda personal 'zine with a clear anarcho punk touch from the U.K. This is issue #7 and has some interesting thoughts about losing someone real close to you and the matter of death in general,don't be quick to judge it as another emo-like story you've read a thousand times's completely the opposite! The writing is simple and gets the point across to even the dumbest of punks out there,always a plus in my book. We all love good writing but it must be from the heart...and this one is,despite its minor grammar mistakes (who am I to judge anyway? there are propably 10 mistakes in this review so far!). Also there are some 'zine reviews,a "how to make a decent cup of tea" guide and a poem entitled "Foreigner",I'm not much of a poetry fan so it's up to you to like it or not. Get in touch for a copy and a delicious bag of tea (yeah,it comes with each copy!).Write to: Tristan c/o Cait,
P.O Box: 6789,Ithaca NY,14851,U.S.A

Let me get one thing clear here...this is not a review,I just wanna express my love for Cometbus!
I've been reading and collecting 'zines from all over the globe since 2003 and all these years I never managed to get a copy of Cometbus until my good friend Nemesis Knox (check her awesome blog on the link list!) lent me this copy. From the first few lines I fell in love with it,Aaron Cometbus unfolds a story that has so much in common with any given teenage punk until the late 90's/ealry 00's...then came the internet era and everyone prefered to stay at home and "chat" via so-called social networks with his/her digital friends instead of causing trouble in the streets,sad but true. Anyways,flipping each page was like reading my life's story and my thoughts as a teenager...frustration about all that is wrong in this world, misery,lost loves,deceased friends,trying to fit in to a group of outcasts and finally the unconditional love for punk. I still haven't finished reading it but I came to a conclusion,if all punks had at least read one issue of Cometbus our scene would be the best thing that ever happened to mankind! If you think I'm exaggerating then fuck off and die!

Kaotic Hero 'zine comes from Japan and it's focused in the raw/noise side of punk. There are interviews with Perdition (u.s.a),Avfall (Japan) and Rednecks (Japan),also included are reports from Nerveskade (u.s.a) about their Japan tour and Isterismo (Japan) about their Australian tour. Oh,yeah this issue (#10) has a New York punk scene report....what else? It's all in Japanese!!! Get stoned and try to read it while listening to all the bands featured,although I won't claim any responsibility in case you suffer a brain seizure! Great cut & paste layout too!

Crazy Spirit come from the thriving punk scene of New York and deliver furious,noisy,in your face hardcore that at times brings to mind bands like Void and Jerry's Kids...sounds awesome? It is! Thanks a lot to Speeroghen for sharing this ep as well as.....

Funeral Parade! Hailing from nowhere else than Portland,Oregon,they deliver some of the best dark,gloomy,atmospheric post punk ever! Heavily influenced by Wipers,Joy Division,old Killing Joke and mixing it all together with a layer of 80's U.K punk. If you like stuff like The Estranged get this now!

Last but not least,Amebix just released their new record and also made a great video that I can't stop watching over and over again,here you go:

Needless to say,if you don't like the song leave this blog and never come back again!


  1. ha ha! it's funny, the first time i saw the video and heard the song (a few days ago) in the beginning i was skeptical. it sounded a bit like the kind of amebix stuff i wasn't crazy about.
    then, as the song progressed and i continued to watch...i totally fell for it! the sound at the end is just crushingly doomy and i conclude that it rocks!! ;)

  2. "at the end is just crushingly doomy and apocalyptic" Exactly! Plus,the ending lyrics "You were always free" are so heartfelt and empowering!
    As for the animation in the vid,amazing! I get a chill down my spine everytime I see the raven breaking free from his chains.

  3. ok i'll leave and never come back.
    dont like new amebixxxxxxxx

  4. @nosofobia You WILL like it eventually and I'll be there to say I told you so! :)