Friday, August 19, 2011

nuclear sun tan

Yeap, I bored again so here's another post for ya.

During my quest in the internet I came across an awesome blog that's all about new grindcore releases and some random stuff (all music related of course) and thought it was a good idea to share it with you. Most blogs nowadays are filled with tons of download links of records/bands you've never heard before and their reviews are shitty to say the least, not this one though! The guy behind it writes some of the most well informed record reviews and gives you a good picture of what the band sounds like, hell...he even knows what band the drummer used to listen when he was in high school and how this said band affected his life and music carreer! Anyway,the blog is all about "Free thoughts, reviews, reports and interviews concerning all that is extreme, such as grindcore, sludge, drone or noisecore."
So all you grindcore/noise and sludge freaks do yourself a favor and check this blog:
Sore Throat,Nausea and Headache

This summer sucked so much that I'm happy to say it's nearly over...just a few more days and the whole "let's have fun at the beach, get a sun tan, go vacations on this years' trendy greek island and spend a shitload of money in some fucked up, tourist-infested, mafia-owned beach bar" will be over soon....and if you think that tourism is a good thing for the greek economy please go fuck yourself and let this sorry excuse for a country sink in debt, by all means it's worth it!
Thankfully though there's one last show before September kicks in, it's taking place in Volos city where I lived for 9 months during 2010 and have never been back since then, it's great place I assure you, one of the very few cities in Greece that's worth living in. With no further ado, here's the poster for the show:

By the way, lately I came to the conclusion that in order to have fun there's gotta be something going on that brings back memories of good times had with a group of friends that I miss dearly. I never got the chance to proccess it inside my head that these times are long gone and everyone moved on with their lives...well almost everyone. I guess this is the price you pay for holding back to your childhood and youthful recklessness. Listen to the song below and maybe some of you will somehow relate to the lyrics....

Despite Everything-The Castaways
Let's hear it for a town going insane
Put you fist up and nothing will feel the quite the same
Let's hear it for a crowd alive and kicking
So wait no more cause this ship is sinking

*Cause it's sink or swim tonight
Cause it's us against them all
Just like when we were young
we said we'll never get old
But I still sing the same old song
and now it feels like
we won't make it back home
So I ask my brother not to let you down
not tonight,cause the water
is cold and I can see no light
No lights,I don't know if this is just another song
that will keep us going on

No really this is the last time
I won't let down,I won't let go
The odds are now against us
but we'll be singing on and on and on
...till the end

*Repeat chorus

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