Saturday, August 13, 2011

Taking You Down With Me #8

My plans for the next post were set for September but boredom hit earlier than expected and I decided that instead of wasting my time watching post apocaliptic movies all day long I'd rather do something a bit more creative like wasting your time to read some bullshit reviews for bands that deserve to be heard by more people. This time I also made a mixtape full of noise punk bands that you can download and listen while you're stoned at the beach. Enjoy!

Last Legion Alive/Hellstorm-Split LP (2011)
This one screams stenchcore/crust from the cover. Let's start with the Hellstorm side,these guys are from Greece and deliver old school crust in the vein of Hellshock, After The Bombs and Behind Enemy Lines. Great stuff from a hardworking band,keep it up!
Last Legion Alive come from Belgium and go for a nold Napalm Death approach mixed with Sacrilege, good stuff bound to please all crusties out there. An overall well put together record with a lot of crushing tunes. You can grab a copy from my distro here: Scull Crasher

V/A Dimmorna Skingras-Vol. 1 LP (2010)
A raw punk/hc compilation from Sweden with new bands like: Glom Da!, Striker, Slaktrens, Angelpiss, Dick Tracy, Aggrenation, Kurt Olvars Rebeller, Sub Alert, Unabombers and Krimtank.
No boring bands here, all go no slow! I don't think I have to say more,check the bands and if you can track a copy of the comp do yourself a favor and buy a copy.

Scorned-"This Mad Endeavor" LP (2001)
This is kinda old as the liner notes in the lyric sheet say it was recorded back in 2001,weird 'cause some time ago I got their brand new ep for my distro. Maybe they were on a 10 year long hiatus?!
Anyway,this is crust punk from Minneapolis u.s.a, heavily influenced by Profane Existence-type bands like Detestation and Aus-Rotten (two of my all time favorites!) and a hint of Born/Dead,mostly in the vocal section. Very good stuff. I recommend you to check the band by scoring their latest ep, it's easier to find since the featured lp can only be found in discogs/ least this was the result of my research, don't be suprised if you find it in a dusty distro box like I did! Oh, and the vinyl is in grey marble for those who care.

X-Ray Spex-"The Day The World Turned Dayglo" b/w "I Am A Poseur" EP (1978)
No need for a review,this one is classic! I was really excited to find it in a distro while at Arm Your Desires fest this year. Three-chord punk rock with a saxophone and a voice that can tear you to pieces, one of the u.k '77 bands that have lasted in the test of time. Most bands from that era sound totally stale in my ears and I don't care what you say. It was great for the time being but know it's 2011 and a lot of things have changed since 1977, punk is one of them. But there are always exceptions and this ep in one of'em.

Dala Sun-"Sala Dun" CD (2011)
Stoner/doom from Greece,don't know much about the genre but I do sure know that I like it! The recording is top notch and helps a lot to get sucked inside Dala Sun's psychedelic world. Very interesting and enjoyable stuff even for you don't listen to stoner rock, be sure to check it out!

Σαμποτάζ-"Τα Αδέσποτα" CD-R (2011)
Oi!/punk rock from Athens,Greece. Sounds like a mix of Ομίχλη and Εκτός Ελέγχου, if you're familiar with greek punk, if not I would say that they sound like Casualties and a mediocre version of One Way System. This is their first release and to be honest there's a lot of room for improvements, my advise is to just add more personality into the tunes, it's the essence that's missing.

Black Listed-s/t demo CD-R (2011)
Punk rock/ska from Greece, they sound like Mustard Plug and Less Than Jake but less poppy. I used to listen to all of this stuff when I was younger and still like to give'em a few spins for old times sake. The songs are really well put together and the trombone sounds just fine (when not over used!). I prefer to see this band live than just sit down and listen to the record, they create a fun atmopshere while on stage, something vital for this kind of music. If you want a copy get in touch here:

Fields Of Locust-"Subtopia" CD (2011)
Yet another band from Greece, Fields Of Locust are responsible for some of the best post hardcore I've heard lately. Neurosis and Isis influences are obvious, thankfully Fields Of Locust add personal elements to the music making it more interesting. The record plays as one song, complete with melodic interludes that manage to keep you waiting for the break down. Best greek release so far this year! Awesome cover by the way.

Born Out Of Darkness mixtape
Download the file HERE


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  2. Merikes kainourgies pou aksizoun einai: The Road, Book Of Eli,Aeon Flux,Children Of Men,Repo Men kai Doomsday. Fysika einai kai alla den mou erxontai. Apo palia sigoura ta Escape From New York + Escape From L.A,Blade Runner,Tank Girl.
    Lew na kanw ena post me ta kalitera molis dw kai ta ypoloipa pou exw stin lista mou.

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