Tuesday, October 25, 2011

bring out your dead

I'm still trying to get my shit together and read all the 'zines I got recently so there will be a proper review on the blog,that will take some time though since there are tons of things going on in Athens that's not to be missed. So,in the meantime here are some pics and a video from a great death metal oriented show that took place in 7Sins club this past Friday. Thanks & cheers to Panos for the invitation and for running the whole thing!

Unfotunately I didn't manage to take more pics from the rest of the bands because I'm a lazy fuck but here are the links so you can check'em out yourself: Decomposing Existence (old school death metal) and Ixpapalotl (death metal with a hint of swedish-style grindcore). There's a huge death metal scene in Greece but somehow it's ignored by the majority of fellow local metalheads,on the contrary the rest of the world seems to dig it a lot more! See the video below for instance,it's Dead Congregation playing in Maryland Death fest 2011!

Here's an upcoming show that will make crusties shit their already stinky pants! Χειμερία Νάρκη (Hibernation), Sarabante and Conspiracy Of Denial will release the four horsemen of the Apocalypse upon the wasteland called Greece on the 28th of October,which is also the date of the liberation from the Nazi occupation and it's now celebrated as a nationalist holiday despite the fact that the resistance guerilla army that first attacked and in the end was recognized as the spark that lit up the revolution,had clear Anti-Fascist views. But, as it happens most times, it's way easier and much more closer to the interests of those in power to just throw a flag,the national anthem and God to your face instead of letting you know the truth...ignorance is bliss, right?

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  1. γαμησε φιλε το κειμενακι κ τα λινκ!
    misanthropy for ever.