Friday, October 21, 2011

One more sad song will be sung....

Warden: Did you enjoy God's latest gift?
Teddy Daniels: What?
Warden: God's gift. Your violence.
[Daniels looks at him blankly]
Warden: When I came downstairs in my home, and I saw that tree in my living room, it reached out for me... a divine hand. God loves violence.
Teddy Daniels: I... I hadn't noticed.
Warden: Sure you have. Why else would there be so much of it? It's in us. It's what we are. We wage war, we burn sacrifices, and pillage and plunder and tear at the flesh of our brothers. And why? Because God gave us violence to wage in his honor.
Teddy Daniels: I thought God gave us moral order.
Warden: There's no moral order as pure as this storm. There's no moral order at all. There's just this: can my violence conquer yours?
(quote from Shutter Island film)

 "No Colonel,that's not a sandstorm closing's a shitstorm!" 
 Col. Gaddafi is now six feet under and the Libyans are busy rebuilding the country...meanwhile in the west, middle class is occupying the streets, chanting political correct slogans,getting beat up by the police on a daily basis and yet they condemn the execution of Gaddafi by the rebels as an inhuman act....if you think that your leaders will "hear the call of the people" and leave,you're naive. They'll do anything to hold on to their power positions just like Gaddafi. By the way,nobody (at least in the u.s and u.k) condemned the execution of Bin Laden and Sadam Husein,intead they called it justice...that was the case for the Libyans too,justice for the crimes he had commited during his 42 years of tyranny. Same shit,different assholes.

"The bombs [were] just to frighten them to go away, not to kill them”
-Saif al-Islam Gaddafi Son of Libyan leader
(Same thing the police officials say about the police brutality)

Epic win: the sign reads "This is a stupid American that can't read Arabic"
Tragedy-The Ending Fight
This is the end of the last days of mourning
One more sad song will be sung
The only children of the lost generation
Are restless and angry and armed
We've watched our loved ones
Lose all life and passion
Another lifetime is spent chasing
The prospect of hope and salvation
Wondering where all the early years went
We won't be sold to our sellers
One more sad song will be sung
This chant of anger will ring out like sirens
Until the last neck of the last boss is hung
The end of the ruling classes
The end of sleepless nights
The end of taking orders
The end of wasted lives
the end... the ending fight

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