Saturday, October 15, 2011

hardcore history....

This poster was sent from a friend today,don't know the exact year the show took place but I guess it must have been in the early 90's. I wasn't aware that Verbal Assault made it in Greece,also the support band "Βιομηχανική Αυτοκτονία" (industrial suicide) is one of those totally obscure bands that carved the distinct sound of greek hardcore. Their main influence is Bolt Thrower but it's executed raw with a heavy dose of Discharge! I've zipped both their demos for ya if you're interested,but please don't make a hype out of them. As for the other support band, "Αυτοκαταστροφή" (self-destruction) I only have info about the members and the year the band was formed (1988),their demo is most possibly stuck somewhere in an old garage or a warehouse of a former old punk.

Verbal Assault
One day I awoke to find the sun
Beating down on me
Thoughts and fears filling my mind
The truth was beating down on me

For that day
I stood trial
For all of my lies and denials
For my lack of discipline and responsibility

I awoke and faced my judge
The mirror said that I'm guilty
I could not believe it
As the verdict was passed
The mirror said that I'm guilty

How can this be true

My sentencing followed soon after
My insides torture me
I cannot rest from my sight
I cannot be free
Until it is made right
The trial becomes my trial

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